Oct, 2021

STEM Summer Camp with Hushan Elementary School (Sponsored by ASUS Foundation)

During 10/16~10/17, 10/23, we held a summer camp at Hushan Elementary School. We design several innovative courses about EV3 Robots including Sumo Robot, tracking car... We also taught kids basic programming logic through board games. Kids learned a lot about STEM and had a great time!

Jan, 2021

STEM Winter Camp with Wenlin Elementary School

During 1/28~1/29, we held a camp at Wenlin Elementary School. We taught the kids to draw CAD diagrams, program with scratch, and make their own chatbot. Kids learned a lot about STEM and had a great time!

Aug, 2020

5 Days Summer Camp with Taiwan Fund for Children & Families

During 8/3~8/7, our team cooperated with Team#6947 Savage Tumaz to hold a summer camp for "Taiwan Fund for Children & Families". In our class, we taught the kids how to program by playing a board game and how to build up EV3 robots on their own! Let the children feel a sense of accomplishment and have a basic capability of making robots.