How we co-work with Sponsors

Our team builds a long-term development plan, we implement a Social Innovation Platform© that engages sponsors and us. It helps us to fundraise for team growth and promote STEM education with our volunteering services.

Community service is a crucial part of our promotion and development of STEM education to younger students. Our team is not only working on Robotics education for young kids in the local community, but also assisting in Taiwan science fairs, and other robotics competitions as volunteers. With sponsors, we can develop our team more, and continue to deliver volunteer service and training. Therefore, funding us can also indirectly fulfill corporate social responsibility.

We assist the sponsors in delivering the CSR activities and promoting STEM education for young kids in need. The sponsors help us in either providing annual funding, in-kind donations, facilities, or mentoring sessions. We also introduce the Design Thinking Workshop for partners.

Learning from experienced teams in the design and technical development, we acknowledge them for their sharing. Meanwhile, we further improve and optimize to build our version of the design. Participating in the off-season and cooperating with other teams has brought to us a real experience of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition.

Thanks to your donation, we can develop young kids' STEM programs by hosting community service, and we can continue to promote FIRST to junior high schools, assisting them to build the FTC teams, and recruiting more young STEM students to the robotics study.