The Team

About C.K. Robotics

C.K. Robotics was established in Sept. 2019. It is the robotics varsity team under Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo High School, C.K. The school has 124 years of history, listed as the top 1 senior high school for boys in Taiwan. Many of the alumni are the leaders of Taiwan society. 

The robotics student club is called C.K. Robotics (建中機研)

About CyberpunK #8020

The name, CyberpunK FRC #8020, is given by the inspiration of a science fiction subgenre. CyberpunK often features a world with highly developed technology suffering a radical change in the social order.  Traditions and rules are broken by the rapid development of technology. Therefore, it's a challenge for all of us in this generation to find our next path. The logo of CyberpunK FRC #8020 is a unicorn. The inspiration came from the movie “Blade Runner”.

Our mission

Student Organization Structure 

Above is our Organization Structure. Our team has two divisions, Technical and Management. Most of the members in FRC #8020 would find their best place in the team. 

Awards & Achievements