The team

Team introduction

About C.K. Robotics:

C.K. Robotics was established in Sept. 2019. It is an official school team under Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School (past translation: Chien Kuo High School, C.K.). The school has 122 years of history, listed as the top 1 senior high school for boys in Taiwan. Many of the alumni are the leaders of Taiwan society.

The robotics student club is called C.K. Robotics (建中機研)

About CyberpunK #8020:

The name, CyberpunK FRC #8020, is given by the inspiration of a science fiction subgenre. CyberpunK often features a world with highly developed technology suffering a radical change in the social order. Traditions and rules are broken by the rapid development of technology. Therefore, it's a challenge for all of us in this generation to find our next path. The logo of CyberpunK FRC #8020 is a unicorn. The inspiration came from the movie “Blade Runner”.

Our mission:

  • To inspire young people to participate in building a better future for everyone.

  • To construct a team that is Passionate, Diligent, Intelligent, Well-Disciplined and Equal.

  • To “lead the way” in the future development of STEM, Education, Business and Community.

2021-2022 Student Organization Structure

Above is our Organization Structure. Our team has two divisions: one is Technical, and the other is Management. Most of the members in FRC #8020 would find their best place in the team.

Awards & Achievements


  • FRC 2022 Houston Championship Carver Division, Best Rank 10/75.

  • FRC 2022 Sacramento Regional Regional Finalist

  • FRC 2022 Sacramento Regional Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors

  • FRC 2022 New Taipei City x Hon Hai Regional Engineering Inspiration Award

  • FRC 2022 New Taipei City x Hon Hai Regional FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award


  • FRC 2021 Pacific Region/ Silicon Group/ Rookie Game Changer Award

  • FRC 2021 Southern Taiwan Science Park Off-Season Regional Finalist


  • FRC 2020 Science Park Taichung 5G Pilot Regional Finalist

  • FRC 2020 Science Park Taichung 5G Pilot Creativity Award