Morris Wang 王鼎中

(School Leader & Lead Mentor

Morris is the Student Affairs Director and a Computer Science Teacher in Chien Kuo Senior High school. He studied at National Taiwan Normal University for Computer Education master's degree and Computer Science & Informational Engineering doctor’s degree. And he has a high level of proficiency in Computer Science. He has also been a seeding teacher of the Ministry of Education, a curriculum counselor. And he has supervised students to participate in the International Science Fair and IOI. 

Now, he provides mentorship to Team 8020 in programming and plays an important role in communicating with the school.

Oliver Chou 周業凱

(Technical Mentor & Lead Mentor)

Oliver is good at mechanical, programming, and other professional fields. He works for DELL Technologies and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NTU, an MBA degree from Imperial College London, an MSc in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University. He was also a former Technical Mentor for Team 6947, having great expertise in FIRST competition.

Oliver is a Technical Mentor for Team 8020 now, and he always accompanies us through any frustration.

Margaret Shih 施佩佩

(Business Mentor & Strategy Mentor)

Margaret is a Business & Strategy mentor for Team 8020. She works for Kantar and holds a degree from FJU, an MSc from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and an MBA degree from Imperial College London, having substantial experience. Margaret has participated in FIRST since 2017. She was a former Business mentor of Team 6947.

Now, She provides mentorship to Team 8020 in the areas of Business and Strategy.

Winston Chou 周韋翰

Technical Mentor