Summer Camp with Taiwan Fund for Children & Families

Our team#8020 and Team#6947 Savage Tumaz hold a 5 days summer camp for "Taiwan Fund for Children & Families". In the class, we taught the kids how to program by playing a board game and how to build up EV3 robots on their own! Let the children feel a sense of accomplishment and have a basic capability of making robots.

1. Main Courses

(1) Learning logic and programming by playing "Coding Ocean"

"Coding Ocean" is a broad game designed by Papacode. In this board game, we could teach children what was and, or, loops by different cards. Throughout playing, children would bear basic logic knowledge and know how a program work.

*the official link of the board game:

(2) Build your own EV3 robots

On the first day, we introduced all the materials in EV3 to them, and we made some basic structures by following the guidebook. Knowing how to complete the products with steps is vital because any creativity builds on restrictions.

On the second and third days, we taught them how to use sensors in EV3 to control robots. By making Piranha Plant and path-following cars, they got to know the science theory such as reflection and ultrasonic. The children also knew the relation between sensors, a host, and actuators.

In the final class, we let children build their own robots to have a Sumo race. Everyone should make their robot and program by themselves. Enjoying the happiness of winning and reflecting on the reasons for failure, they not only obtained the STEM knowledge but also learned how to improve from every error.

Thanks to Team#6947 and Taiwan Fund forChildren & Families, we were able to contribute to the community.