4 Days Summer Camp with Taiwan Fund for Children & Families


To minimize the digital gap, this is CyberpunK's 5th year partnering with Taiwan Fund for Children & Families (a Taiwan philnathropic entity). We hope to make robotics easily accessible to vulnerable kids, lowering the barrier of robotics learning. This year, we held a EV3 summer camp from Jul.12 to  Jul.15.

On the first day, we made a quick introduction for everyone to know each other. Our students then shared on the basic concepts such as how to build a project with EV3 parts and programs. Soon, kids made their first project: Ferris wheel. Kids learn to use motor to control the spinning motion. With their creative ideas, kids get build their own Ferris wheel.

The next day, we started to make Flytrap which closes when it sense something inside. Through this project, students are able to learn how sensors worked.  At the end of the day, students try figuring out how to use sensors to complete a car that can track black lines on the map.

Kids made Sumo car on the third day with the knowledge they've cummulated over the past two days. Their new challenge is to strengthen the car's structure and find a way to beat the opponent.

The last day, our final goal is to build six-legged robot that can run on the ground. By observing animals walking, kids tried to let their robot walk as well, cross different terrains, and add more functions as a pet.

We're glad to have the opportunity of seeing these kids get excited with Lego EV3, some have even participated in our former camps.  Although The 4-day camp ended, CyberpunK will continue to build more furture leaders and innovators with our partners.