Useful Links

LabVIEW Resources

1. Foundation


Description: On the Github page, you should see a file called CTRE_Phoenix_Framework_v5.19.4.1.exe. This installer will install the Library you will need in FRC. Also, it installs a software called Phoenix Tuner. This software helps you configure your CTRE devices, update device firmware and others.

You can check out more details on this webpage:

Note that the library and software only support CTRE’s products. 

2. NavX


Description: On the webpage, you should see purple-colored texts, clicked on the one that says “latest build”. Other details are also on this webpage.



Description: On the webpage, you can see there’s a menu that says “content”, click on the programming language you use. Then, you would see an orange button. Click it and download the SPARK MAX library. Please refer to this webpage for more detailed instructions.

Also, make sure to visit this link and download the REV hardware client, it helps you configure your REV devices, update device firmware and others. 

4. COLOR Sensor


Description: You can find the color sensor library download link and others on this page.



Description: This module is very helpful for those who want to learn vision processing in LabVIEW. It provides various functions for you to develop your own vision processing program. It also provides software which helps you develop your own program more easily!

6. Secret Book


Description: This is a must-have thing if you use LabVIEW in FRC. This Secret Book provides an introduction to LabVIEW, and includes a lot of information, from control system logic design, PID control to image processing and a lot more.