What is LabVIEW?

LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) is a visual programming language developed by National Instruments (NI). The difference between visual programming language and others is that the programming process adopts the concept of "data flow", which allows the programmer to complete the programming while thinking about the flowchart.

Why we use LabVIEW?

(1) LabVIEW is a visual programming language. Each block has a corresponding icon, making it easier for programmers to use.

(2) LabVIEW and RoboRIO are both developed by NI, so they are more compatible with each other.

(3) LabVIEW introduces the concept of virtual instruments, allowing users to control self-developed instruments through this interface.

(4) LabVIEW has many modules, and they are very helpful for making hardware such as the robots we made.

(5) To complete a software with similar functions, the time required for a programmer who is proficient in LabVIEW is much less than that in other programming languages. It is more advantageous when the development time is tight.