Old News

After the Sacramento Regional, our 2nd generation robot is completed ready for the Houston Championship! With the new climb mechanism and the high-mobility swerve drivetrain,  \||/ [həˈreɪ] Gen Z performed well at the Houston Championship.

2022 FRC Sacramento Regional

Mar, 2022

From 3/24 to 3/26, we participated in  Sacramento Regional, and it's our first time joining the FRC Regional Competition in the US. We luckily received the Regional Finalists and the Industrial Design Award. Our team also experienced invaluable competition because of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition with others!

With the effort in Build Season, we completed our robot 1st generation bot. We named it "\||/ [həˈreɪ]" because its climb mechanism was composed of "Telescopic" and "Arm". In addition, "\||/ [həˈreɪ]" not only represented the victory but the active spirit of our team!