Name: CyberdisK

Weight: 56kg (with Battery & Bumper)

Size: 68.6cm W x 82cm L x 70.4cm H

Status: In Service


FRC 2021 Southern Taiwan Science Park Off-Season Regional Finalist

FRC 2021 Pacific Region/ Silicon Group/ Rookie Game Changer Award

Design Details


Designed in a curved shape, the Mech fetches the Power Cells smoothly from any direction.


Hopper, a Cell delivering system, resembling a revolver, can store 5 game pieces up at once.


An arc-shape shooter, the Mech has a motor-powered elevation feature, adjusting its level.

Color Spinner:

A foldable Spinner allows the Robot to pass through the Control Panel.

Through the color sensor, it achieves 100% accuracy in the Panel missions.


Considering the space that we can utilize & minimizing the robot’s height, we built the Mech into a three-stage telescopic climbing mechanism with a folded hook.

Our Strategy