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2024 FRC Kickoff Party -Taipei

為了迎接新賽季的挑戰,建中機研傳統的Kickoff Party 今年邀請台灣FRC隊伍前來歡聚同樂,同步與美東揭曉時間,觀看本次競賽的題目揭露,並一同討論與交流!

FRC 2024賽季題目將於台灣時間(UTC+8)1/7凌晨01:00公布。

時間:1/6(六) 23:00 ~1/7(日) 02:30 地點:社會創新實驗中心






To embrace the challenges of the new FRC season, CyberpunK invites all FRC teams in Taiwan to gather around and have fun on 1/6 kickoff day. We will watch the Game announcement and have a breakout session discussion.

2024 Game Animation and Manual will be released at 1:00 AM on Jan 7th (GMT+8)

Time:   1/6 (Sat.) 23:00  ~ 1/7 (Sun)2:30am

Venue: Social Innovation Lab 

No. 99, Section 3, Ren'ai Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

If your team is interested in joining the Kickoff event, please fill out the form below and write an email to us: ckfrc@gl.ck.tp.edu.tw

We will workout the details with your team captain. 

Join us! 


2023 San Diego Regional

Mar, 2023

Our team participated in the San Diego Regional on 3/24-3/26, we ranked 5th during Qualification and became captain of Alliance 3 with our alliance partners Nomad and The Phantoms.  Surprisingly, we won another Excellence in Engineering award in this regional! Even though we couldn't make it to the championships this year, we had a great season and learned a lot!

2023 Los Angeles Regional

Mar, 2023

Our team's first regional this season is the Los Angeles Regional. We ranked 7th during Qualification and luckily became captain of Alliance 6. We are honored to receive the Excellence in Engineering award, recognizing our utilization of advanced math, trade studies, and many prototypes to create our "cybernetic" design. Thank you to our alliance partners, the Funky Monkeys #846 and Walnut Valley Robotics #5857, for the best performance & cooperation!!!

2023 Robot "Cybertongu"

Feb, 2023

After months of dedicated work during build season, we have successfully constructed our robot for the 2023 season "Cybertongu" ! "Tongu" stands for the meaning of claw in Japanese, we named our robot for its exceptional claw mechanism that enables us to swiftly catch game pieces. Check out our robot reveal video for more information!


Kickoff Event - Taipei

Jan, 2023

For the new season's coming challenge, we hosted the kickoff party in Taipei inviting Taiwan FRC teams to celebrate and share experiences together. Everyone not only enjoyed food and drinks here, but also exchanged robotic design ideas. Thank you for all the participants who came. Team CyberpunK hopes that every teams get ready for CHARGED UP℠!

The new game season, 2022-2023 FIRST® ENERGIZE presented by Qualcomm, is coming! Energy is crucial in our daily life, from the machines that move us to the wireless technologies that connect us. In the CHARGED UP℠ presented by Haas challenge, FRC teams will unlock the power of engineering to transform renewable energy and power a better future. Click here to visit the official web. 

2022 FRC World Championships in Houston 

Apr, 2022

From 4/20 to 4/23, we participated in FIRST Robotics Competition World Championships in Houston for the first time. Though our team couldn't participate in the playoffs, it's an invaluable chance for CyberpunK to meet up and have wonderful competitions with these international teams. 


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